Why Space and Place? Discover places of our ancestors!

During my study of geography and history, my professor recommended a book from the seventies. "How boring," was my first thought. It was called Space and Place. I thought to myself that as a student of geography, I can risk a look at it. And it was worth it. I was fascinated by the theory that abstract, undifferentiated spaces become to places, as a person gets to know them better and gives them values, feelings and meanings.

And that is exactly what the search for our ancestors is all about! I want to discover and explore the spaces where our ancestors used to live, to get to know them better, and to turn them into places of family history, thus putting Space and Place into action. Beside this, I just liked the name.

About Swantje Heuten

My husband, my two children and another great passion: genealogy. For me, it is the consequent fusion of my geography and history studies. In addition, a few seminars on archiving and old German writings in the postgraduate course. 10 years of professional experience in the world of historical biographical research, genealogy, family history research and emigration research, and finally the step into self-employment. If I am not on an expedition to places of family history or writing about my research results, I love to go swimming.

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