Space and Place takes you on a journey of discovery into the past. The combination of geography and history in genealogy is my passion. Would you like to know more about your ancestors? I look forward to your story!

Finding places of origin and arrival of German emigrant families

Do you like to know where your ancestors were born, lived and where they emigrated? I am researching for you the places of your ancestors in passenger lists, census lists and passport applications in Germany and North America.

Research of personal and historical documents

Do you have gaps in your family tree or would you like to explore a previously unknown branch? Since more than 12 years I research online platforms, databases, archives, civil and parish offices. Space and Place identifies personal documents with a view to historical events as well as changes in regional structures.

Contacting local experts

Who knows better than local people? Through my many years of experience, I have a large network of local experts and historical societies in Germany. Together we provide you with a deep insight into the lifestyle of your ancestors and help you to understand why the emigrants left their homeland.

Transcriptions and translations

You have already found historical documents but cannot read the script? In the State Archive of Oldenburg I learned to read old German handwriting, such as Sütterlin, the German Kurrent as well as the older German Chancellery. I am happy to assist my English-speaking customers with the transcription and translation of the documents.